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City Cabins® at Columbia Station

Four high performance townhomes for the market, designed to give you low utility bills and high health. Bonuses: – just blocks from the light rail station, and great vistas of Mt. Rainier.

Five Star Built Green for all of the reasons one might expect:

Low Impact Development:

Infiltration trenches, vegetated garage roofs, pervious walkways, aprons and patios, rain water harvesting and enriched soils lay the groundwork for water absorption and growing healthy plants.Edible landscape is an important aspect that includes fruit trees, blueberry bushes, strawberries and kale.

Energy Efficiency and Air Tightness:

From under slab to roof, every component exceeds the Energy Codes: R-20 underslabs, R-28 walls, R-80 non-vented attic, U.23 windows/doors average. We have tested at less than 2 ACH@50 pascals. Estimated heating bill is $60 per year.

Healthy Home Techniques:

The Fantech 3005R HRV delivers 5 air changes daily throughout the home. Exhaust ducts from 5 locations bring air through the heat exchange cores so that incoming fresh air can be warmed to nearly the temperature of the home. Neutral temperature fresh air is delivered to all bedrooms and the living room 24/7. This machine also keeps humidity between the healthy range of 30 and 50 %.

Healthy building materials are necessary as well. Choices are made to give you the purest ingredients available, including real plywood and wood, paperless drywall on the party walls, hard surface flooring, and low and no voc paints and finishes everywhere.

Water Efficiencies:

Water Sense fixtures give you the ability to save on both water and sewer bills. They include lav faucets that use only .5 gallons per minute, kitchen faucets and shower heads that uses 1.5 gpm and dual flush toilets. The Bosch dishwasher is also a water miser. A landscape that is well mulched and mostly drought tolerant, will also save you water.

Materials Selection Chosen based on Sustainability and Locality:

In the Pacific NW, nearly all of our framing and siding lumber comes from WA, OR and B.C. This wood helps our local economy and is a renewable resource. Finish wood inside City Cabins is custom milled Ponderosa Pine from beetle infested forests of the western US. This pine is used for cabinets, millwork, flooring and shelving.

The commercial porcelain tiles are manufactured in Oklahoma using 49% post industrial waste. The towel bars, t.p. holders and shelf brackets are created by a local blacksmith. And the roofing shingles are made in Sumas, WA.

Community Features and Mobility:

These homes are located in the New Rainier Vista, just north of the central park. You will easily be able to walk to and enjoy the many features of Columbia City, or head down to Lake Washington on the greenbelt. The light rail will get you to the airport or downtown and the buses can fill in the gaps.

If you have any difficulties walking, these townhomes are also for you! Wiring for a chair lift has been installed at the landing of the wider than normal stairs. Entries to the homes have zero steps. Sturdy towel bars double as grab bars and the master shower has a hand held sprayer and is roomy enough to allow assistance if needed.

City Cabins at Columbia Station give you the opportunity to own a home today that will still meet Energy Codes twenty or more years from now.

CIty Cabins - Kitchen with SS counter
City Cabins - High Efficiency HRV
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