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City Cabins on 13th Ave West


3650 & 3652 13th Ave West
Seattle, WA

Two Hi-Performance, Hi-Tech Town Homes with a View Corridor of Fisherman’s Terminal and the Olympics

City Cabins bring us back to the days when homes were made by our neighbors from pure natural ingredients that are beautiful to look at and where comfort is more important than bling; yet they bring us forward to the cutting edge of now.

These two homes utilize the latest building science techniques starting with the insulation and advanced framing with R-75 attic, R-30 under-slab foam, quadruple glazed fiberglass windows and R-31 walls. Pre-wired for both PV and an electric car, these homes also have other energy saving features. Here is a sampling of these innovations:

  • Two thirds of the main living floor lights are state-of-the-art LEDs. Most of these fixtures were produced in the Midwest at JUNO Lighting’s factory.
  • Induction cooking, loved by chefs, is stated to be 70% more efficient that gas.
  • The Air Generate heat pump hot water heater (Texas) has the ideal installation to reach the highest performance of 3 units of energy returned for every unit put into it.
  • Danze shower heads are attractive and function well at 1.5 gpm and Moen .5 gpm lav faucets are used in every bathroom
  • FanTech’s 3005 HRV with a merv 12 filter flushes the home every 4 hours with a complete air change at a 92% efficiency

Every component of these City Cabins has been carefully considered. Extensive use of recycled wood, Made in US products, recycled content materials, locally produced goods all were part of the criteria when choosing ingredients for these comfortable and healthy homes.

City Cabins - Front Facade

Front Facade

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