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Job Site Recycling

Whether you’re a commercial builder or simply remodeling your own home, “building green” and recycling used building materials can make a big difference for your budget and the environment.

Job Recycling is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Identify recyclables. Plan ahead! Identify what can be recycled from your site. Click the image to the right to download a brochure that explains alternatives to costly landfilling.
  2. If you plan to self-haul materials, be sure to contact the facility ahead of time. Describe your materials carefully. Ask about hours, fees and special instructions. If you decide to use a hauling service, describe your materials, specify they are to be recycled and get any special instructions. To verify proper handling, ask where the materials will be taken and require a copy of the receipt from the location.
  3. Comingled construction and demolition waste can be recycled at some locations. Charges for separated materials are generally lower. Communicate with your workers and subcontractors and mark bins or collection areas clearly. Keep recyclables free of garbage or they may not be accepted at the recycling facility or may be charged at a higher rate.

Also consider posting your items on the following websites:

NW Regional Job Site Recycling Resources

Thurston County Solid Waste – Reducing C&D Debris
Options for recycling dumpster & hauling, reuse, self-haul recycling locations and more.

King County Green Tools – C&D Recycling

Learn how to Build a Successful Diversion/Recycling Program, determine its cost-effectiveness and more.

Portland – Construction Salvage & Recycling Online Directory
Recycling facility locations, accepted materials, and deconstruction and salvage contractors in the Portland area. Also available in print –  Construction Salvage and Recycling Toolkit.

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