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N5 Phinney Ridge Mid Century

N5 Phinney Ridge Mid Century


616 N 62nd St,

Seattle WA


11 AM – 5 PM

Site Description
FEATURES: Electric Vehicle Charging, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Conservation, Net Zero Energy, Solar Power, Stormwater Management, Water Conservation 

We could tell the bones of this house were solid the minute we walked in, but years of neglected had left it in a condition where most neighbors assumed a new owner would mean a scraped lot and a new lot buster house.

Restoring the simple and elegant design of the home was easy, but doing it with Net-Zero Energy goals in mind added a good bit of complexity.

Key Energy Efficiency Features:
-Continuous insulation on the roof with 8" of spray foam in the rafters
-Dense packed fiberglass it the walls.
-High performance windows and doors
-Mitsubishi Hyber-Heat Heat Pump
-High efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation
-Heat pump hot water.
-Induction cookig
-9.4kw Solar PV System.

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