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Northwest EcoBuilding Guild & Rūvtop are partners!

We’re thrilled to announce that Rūvtop (‘ROOF-top’) & the Guild are partners! Their platform is now better than ever, and it is freely available to everyone.

Visit the site at to explore the Action Tool to identify & prioritize your options, so you can have a better and more sustainable home. The ‘Actions’ are tailored to your housing situation & your goals and span 16 content areas (the ‘Hubs’). The founder, Todd Staheli, a longtime Guild member, hopes you will agree that Rūvtop offers an innovative solution that fosters cross-pollination between a wide array of content areas. Also, Todd welcomes Sonja O’Claire to the Rūvtop team! Check out this month’s blog post, ‘Save Green by Going Green’, where Sonja shares tips on how to embrace sustainability without breaking the bank.

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s work would not be possible without the generous support of these organizations!

We’d like to send a huge, heartfelt “Thank You” out to these organizations and businesses. Their support has strengthened the Pacific Northwest’s green building community, and made many of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s programs possible.



Earth Advantage’s commitment to carbon reduction strategies is demonstrated by the 17,000+ individuals who have participated in Earth Advantage training, the approximately 4,000 high-performance residential units certified each year by our green building team, the 30,000+ homes with a verified Home Energy Score, and the over 2 million homes contained in our Green Building Registry.


Waste reduction is a key component of sustainability, and Thurston County’s Solid Waste Program works to conserve environmental resources through education and outreach, technical assistance, diversion programs, and advocacy.



Empowering everyone to create our clean energy future.
An abundant world with ready access to clean, sustainable energy is entirely possible. We can all help to create this future by choosing to electrify!


Our mission is to offer an intuitive platform for individuals ready to make a change to their homes. We equip users with the tools and resources they need to efficiently identify, prioritize, and manage solutions tailored to their distinct needs and goals.


Built Green is the green home certification program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. In addition to certifying green homes, remodels, apartments, and communities, we host a membership network of companies and individuals involved in the green building industry. We also research and communicate the human and environmental benefits of ecologically focused building.


Shift Zero was started as an alliance in 2017 as a way to better coordinate advocacy and communication amongst organizations working on green building policies in Washington State, and to collectively advance a zero carbon vision for all in Washington.

2023 Corporate Sponsors

The King County GreenTools Program helps builders, residents, businesses and governments create and sustain green buildings, and sustainability policies and programs. The GreenTools Team provides technical assistance, grants, hands-on training, and information necessary to find locally-produced, high quality sustainable building materials and resources. Check out Eco-Cool Remodel Tool and EcoCribz (an online remodeling series).

2023 Event & Education Session Sponsors

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