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N4 Phinney Ridge RainWise Gardens

N4 Phinney Ridge RainWise Gardens 


731 N 67th St

Seattle WA


11 AM – 5 PM

Site Description
FEATURES: Stormwater Management, Water Conservation

This trio of neighbors from a very close-knit block share a passion for conservation and gardening. In 2014, when their neighborhood became eligible for RainWise Rebates, they were excited to learn that they could have beautiful landscape features that also helped with Seattle’s stormwater overflow problem and the cost was nearly 100% covered by a rebate from the RainWise program! 4 other neighbors, also on this block, joined them in becoming RainWise.


Visit Cathie’s backyard rain garden, Rick’s edible garden and side yard cistern (which keeps all his potted plants saturated) and Charles’ front yard rain garden, all within steps of each other. From the alleyway behind Rick’s house you can also spy a few other cistern styles. These were all installed within a year of each other and having shared this experience has brought them even closer together.

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