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SS13 South Sound Solar Office

SS13 South Sound Solar Office 

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4511 Lemon Rd NE

Olympia, WA 98506


11 AM TO 5 PM 

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Site Description
FEATURES: Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Solar Power, Urban Farming, EV Charging, Stormwater Management, Sustainability Site 

Our business and residential site is a net zero property. We have 4 different solar systems installed, including 2 battery back-up systems that supply power in case of an outage.  We also have Solar Hot Water and a Solar Heated Swimming Pool. The solar systems vary, all 4 are different, but two of the systems were 2nd hand or “rescued”. The site also features a solar powered portable generator that is on a 20’ trailer, and a home built electric car.

The photovoltaic systems are varied; we have a Sunpower system, and solar panels made by Solarworld and REC. The Solar Hot Water system is 37 years old and still works just fine. The battery back-up systems are made by Outback, a WA based company.

The office at South Sound Solar is an old retrofitted bakery, that was remodeled to be a very energy efficient passive solar structure. 

The property also features composting toilets, and a grey water system and that water is used for agriculture and landscaping.  A 5000 gallon water catchment tank then feeds ~ 4000 square feet of vegetable gardens and an orchard of apples, pears and plums.   A solar powered water pumps supplements grey water and rain water catchment in the summer time.

Come visit and see how a small farm was transformed into a sustainable homestead. Walk the property, pet the cows, feed the pigs, and experience sustainability on a small farm.  

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