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Low Embodied Carbon Materials


w/ Don Davies and Marty Josund

Event Date: January24,2024

Embark on a transformative journey into sustainable construction with the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Monthly Education Series! We are thrilled to start the year with industry leaders presenting revolutionary low-embodied carbon building materials. Tune in to hear firsthand from pioneering engineers who have spearheaded the development of low-embodied carbon structural and civil building materials. Join Don Davies, Co-Founder of Davies-Crooks Associates and Marty Josund of Brightstreet as they delve into the groundbreaking use of C-Crete—the world’s first low-carbon concrete, unveiled on the historic Hubbard’s Corner project near Green Lake in Seattle.

This monumental achievement is crucial in combating climate change, as cement production accounts for approximately 6% of global carbon emissions. Our esteemed speakers will also illuminate the path to sustainability through discussions on low embodied carbon steel, Prometheus’ algae-based cement block, the evolution and current state of hemp building materials, algae-based cement blocks, and sustainable wood applications, which mark a significant stride in climate action.

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