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Imagine the world if…

Ecohaus believes that by switching to sustainable building practices the world could stretch our natural resources further, diminish the occurrence of many chronic health problems, promote the growth of local economies, and decrease the release of harmful greenhouse gasses.

Since 1992, Ecohaus has been supplying the Pacific Northwest with building and finish materials that are based on a holistic model of sustainability, incorporating consideration for the Environmental, Health and Local impacts of the products we choose to carry.

When we think about the environmental impacts of a product we’re looking at their entire lifecycle from harvesting and manufacturing, to performance and longevity, through disposal (re-cycling, repurposing or composting if biodegradable.) We look for third party certification, salvaged, or recycled materials; we look for products that will be durable and last a long time (many of our materials will outlast their conventional counterparts;) and we look for products that can be easily diverted from the landfill (our carpet tiles can be turned into more carpet tiles, our decking can be turned into mulch.)

When we think about the impacts of a product on people’s Health we look for materials that are as low toxic as possible for the people making the material as well as the people living with it. Many adhesives and finishes contain harmful toxins that can cause poor indoor air quality and lead to problems like asthma, allergies and “sick building syndrome.” We offer alternatives to these products, and people feel a difference

When we think about the impacts that our choice of products can have on a local community we strive to find socially responsible, sustainably-minded companies to work with. We look for products make it possible for people to lift themselves up while managing their resources responsibly – for instance, we pay a fair price for wood from certified forests to incentivize people NOT to slash and burn their resources. We work with family-owned and operated businesses. And we work with owner/operators in the Pacific Northwest.

Imagine a world where we use materials that we find close to home, where we keep our air and waters clean, where our built environment helps support our natural environment – this is an “Ecohaus Future.”

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