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Fish Singer Place

Fish Singer Place


15715 Dayton Ave N
Shoreline, WA

Martha Rose Construction

Fish Singer Place is a community of 5-Star Built Green homes by Martha Rose Construction and located in Shoreline, WA.

The Fish Singer Place EcoVillage includes four new single-family homes and one 5-Star remodel of the home that was originally on the site.

Each site-specific home was individually designed through close collaboration with CB Anderson Architects to maximize solar heat gain in the winter and shading for cool in the summer. These homes are built with traditional materials, yet use cutting edge building science techniques resulting in an extremely comfortable and healthy home. Specifically these techniques achieve:

  • Super-Insulation for Low heating bills
  • Conditioned Fresh Air 24 hours a day
  • Universal Design elements on main floor
  • Low Impact Development + Rain Water Harvesting
  • Community living in a walkable neighborhood
  • Affordable to purchase and Easy to maintain

Some of the many green features of the project include:

Green roofs, vegetable gardens, 1000-gallon rainwater tanks, triple paned windows, heat recovery ventilators, R-29 walls, LED lighting, whole house radiant heating, low toxic paints and finishes and meticulous selection of locally sourced certified wood along with, salvaged & recycled materials and an 87% construction waste recycling rate.

For more information about this project, please visit Fish Singer Place.

Fish Singer Place
Green roofs installed on the garages of two of the units

Fish Singer Place
1,000 gallon rainwater catchment tanks

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