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How do I set up my Green Pages listing online?

Corporate Account holders shall be the member that establishes the business’ Green Pages Listing for the Directory. Ideally these members are business owners and hold the Corporate Account (i.e., the main administrative account) under their name. Alternatively, a business may set up a generic admin account, such as an info@ or hello@ general email account that is unlikely to change over time. This admin account is the Corporate Account holder and can update the Green Pages listing. Existing Corporate members may update their Green Pages Directory listing through their profile. To update your listing, you must be logged in. Through the Member Profile page select Membership from the menu. Under the Info tab, businesses can update their listing contact info by completing all the fields named “Listing.” To update your description, simply find your listing within the Directory itself. When you are logged in, you will find an “Edit” button for your listing only. Simply follow the steps to complete your update!

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