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CedarStone LLC

CedarStone builds industry-leading sustainable dwellings in Eugene, OR with a net negative embodied carbon footprint! Our luxury CLT eco-homes are designed for health, accessibility, durability, efficiency, safety, affordability and beauty. Our team includes Cueyo Cataldo and Adrienne Fainman. Cueyo is a First Nations craftsman builder. Committed to improving the way buildings are constructed, he became certified as a 'Sustainable Homes Professional' through Earth Advantage. Cueyo also has hempcrete training and is a technologist with two degrees in Construction Engineering. Adrienne specializes in organic architecture, harmony between humans and the natural world. A proponent of holistic sustainability, she also carries unique experience in mass timber.  Mentored by the famed Douglas Cardinal Architect, Adrienne holds her Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon.

We are pleased to present a collection of timber homes, including the first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) home pre-approved as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Eugene OR. Check us out online!  and on Instagram


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