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The TFC’s are an open source library through which Guild members can teach all kinds of green building and energy details.  After you create content it must be peer reviewed before it will be added permanently to the library and published. There are two ways to submit content. Either fill out the form and we will assemble the info or download the template and create your own card to upload.

Online Form

Fill out this form with as much info as you can. We will use this information to create TFC’s  the more complete the information, the faster we will be able to complete and publish the card. Submit an Idea with our online form.

Download Template 

Download this template and follow the instructions to create a new TFC. The TFC coordinator will work with you and support your effort. Once you have it completed, submit it to us with the link below.

Submit your TFC for review

once you have completed your new TFC, submit it to us and we will post it for review. Regional experts in each area have volunteered to peer review  new TFCs for accuracy.

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