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The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s online Green Pages is a directory of our professional members, searchable by keywords and category. It’s how new customers will find you quickly and easily!

Each of our professional membership levels includes a Green Pages listing in at least one category of your choosing. There are currently over 100 Green Pages categories in which professionals, businesses and organizations may be listed, and many of our members are listed in multiple categories specific to their areas of expertise.

Green Pages listings include the company and contact name, address, contact info, website and 75-word description. A full address is optional, but we encourage city, state and zip for search optimization.

Now, you can also add:

  • Your company logo
  • A project photo or head shot
  • Categories
  • Links to your RSS feed and/or blog

Maximize your membership by using these new features to create an informative and beneficial profile of your green business.

Did you know? When you post Project Spotlights they will automatically show up in your Green Pages listing (via thumbnail photo and link).

To be listed in more than one category, you have several options:

1. Select the Small Business membership level to receive three (3) free categories. Large Business and Corporate memberships receive five (5) free categories.

2. Regardless of your professional membership level, you can also purchase as many additional categories as you like, a la carte. Each additional category costs $75, and is good until your annual renewal.

Do you have offices in more then one Chapter region?
When you join as a member you choose the primary Guild Chapter you will be associated with, based on your locale. If your business has a physical address in more then one Chapter region though (say Portland & Seattle), you can choose to purchase an additional Chapter Listing ($40) for your online Green Pages listing. This enables you to list the contact info and addresses for each different locale, and ensures your listing shows up when people search by city.

For more information or questions about online Green Pages listings contact

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