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EcoTone ENewsletter

(formerly Seeing Green)


Monthly publication of the South Sound Chapter

Includes valuable information about upcoming events, publications, websites, videos, and news items about local projects and happenings.


Past Issues:

March 2014 – EcoTone

October 11, 2011 – Autumn Warmth

September 2, 2011 – Back to School

August 10, 2011 – Building a Village

July 21, 2011 – Seeing Learning & Doing

July 1, 2011- Summer Starts

May 26, 2011 – Late Bloomers

April 28, 2011 – Update to Here Comes the Sun

March 17, 2011 – St. Patrick’s Day

February 28, 2011 – Issue #2

February 14, 2011 – Happy Valentines Day, Issue #1

If you would like to submit an event, news item, resource, or article for the newsletter, please read and follow our Submission Guidelines.


Understanding our Energy Futures

Resources from the South Sound EcoBuilding Guild, Monthly Meeting: Thursday, October 20.  View flier…

With growing demand and a volatile, shrinking supply of fossil fuel energy, the Alliance for Community Transition is exploring how conservation, efficiency and renewable energy sources can help our community adapt to an uncertain future. What are the possible solutions, what’s feasible and what’s already happening? A panel of energy experts offer answers, and invite discussion of our possible Energy Futures – including representatives from Puget Sound Energy, South Sound Solar, Sunset Air, Thurston Energy and members of the Energy Working Group.  Link to Presentations…

Other Resources:

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Building Resources

Dept. of Ecology GREEN Program – Green Jobs, Sustainable Communities

Dept. of Ecology Climate Change Comprehensive Plan

King County Sustainable Building Info (LOTS of it!)

WIRED Program: Green Building Trades – Training Center at Satsop

Recycling Locations for Construction, Demolition, and Land Clearing (PDF)

Professional Resources:
Large site for the professional. Emphasis on ecological thinking as impacts the built environment.

Greener Buildings
Design, Land Use, Building Materials, Water, more! Great current news, large and up-to-date site.


HousingZone Green Building Forum


The Pharos Project

Like Wikipedia, but with a sustainability bias.


Green Building Talk

Green Building Forum UK

Conceptual, DIY, etc.

Brighton Green
Green roofs and walls in Great Britain.


This Resources and Links page was created with the help of ION Ecobuilding Alliance.

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